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Welcome to the world of delicious Indian cuisine! a journey through the land of spices, aroma, taste and culture. Yes, at the Open Air Restaurant, Indian Restaurants, we take delight in treating you with the finest Indian delicacies . Open Air Restaurant is just a step away! Our master chef is a true connoisseur of Indian food and creates the right mix of taste, exotic color combinations and an aroma which will touch your soul. Be it lunch, dinner or a wonderful dessert, Open Air Restaurant is always steadfast in preparing delicious Indian cuisine in Lucknow.Taking its cue from Indian territories, Open Air Restaurant adds a contemporary zing to Modern and Authentic Indian cuisine. The finest dining restaurant has an urban feel, with smart ‘n’ sleek interiors and a cool ‘n’ cozy atmosphere. The restaurant offers and serves the exquisite Indian cuisine prepared by the expert team of Chefs who use the best local ingredients and selected imported produce for the freshest possible taste. Service at Open Air Restaurant is impeccable – hospitable, prompt and superior quality.

What is the secret of our Delicious Indian cuisine?

We owe our success to the Master Chef and the delectable range of exotic Indian spices used in the preparation of these dishes. We take extra precaution to add the subtle variations, additions and modifications to our dishes to create an extra sizzle in your taste buds. It was just an introduction to a unique culinary journey. Visit us to have the actual experience.

Open Air Restaurant Specials

Tasty Indian cuisine in Lucknow

Podi Idly

Delicious Indian cuisine in Lucknow

Masala dosa

Delicious Indian cuisine in Lucknow

Koththtu parota

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Tasty Indian cuisine in Lucknow


Delicious Indian cuisine in Lucknow


Delicious Indian cuisine in Lucknow


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